Thanks for visiting my Portfolio. My latest creative journey is using a mix of diverse metal chains, charms, ceramic and glass beads to produce whimsical statement necklaces, many of them with Kazuri Fair Trade ceramic beads ( I also enjoy making colourful necklaces, bracelets and earrings with Asian-made glass, plastic and metal beads, usually reserved for bracelets. I hope you enjoy them and find something to brighten your wardrobe and maybe even spark conversation.

My newer jewellery builds on my work from the 1990s when I produced bright friendly plastic jewellery pieces and applique clothing, which I sold at craft shows and through select Ontario boutiques. Many of my recent items have been sold privately or through a Natureal in Toronto's Junction area ( but I'm expanding to online sales, starting with this Crevado site.

Please click on my Necklaces or Pretendora Necklaces & Bracelets gallery to open either and scroll through pieces for sale.